Algorithmics Laboratory

Department of Mathematics and Mechanics

Novosibirsk State University


The following list contains ready-to-try prototype implementations of some algorithms. For support with optimization and adaptation towards special use cases or integration into final pieces of software, please contact the Algorithmics laboratory.

Name Description
CartesianDecomposion Cartesian decomposition of tables of RDBMS
cis computes a maximum-profit subset of jobs that can be processed without time or resource conflicts
DeFind A plugin for the Protégé ontology editor that allows for computing concept definitions in ontologies.
gram finds connected motifs of maximum size in biological networks
hs-linkern linear-time data reduction algorithm for the d-Hitting Set problem
mpsc An exact fixed-parameter algorithm for the Min-Power Symmetric Connectivity problem.
mwcarp approximates optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles to serve demands of links in networks
rpp-psaks A polynomial-size approximate kernelization scheme for the Rural Postman Problem.